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Terms & Conditions

The Clock Store

Your clock is insured while it is under our care. We will take pictures of it to insure it’s safety, and serve as a starting point for repairs.We will send you electronic copies of the pictures that we take via the application Evernote. When you supply us with an email address you will be invited to view the notes associated with your clock

We always give a free estimate. We will not begin any work until you approve our estimate.If we need to spend more than the estimate we will contact you and get your approval before we continue.

Your clock will take between 4 - 12 weeks or longer to repair, adjust, regulate, and return. It usually gets repaired quickly but then needs to be adjusted and regulated. During this time we will do all we can to make it run smoothly and keep accurate time. Sometimes we find additional problems that need to be addressed. Other times we simply adjust and regulate.

Our estimates always include a minimum and a maximum cost. This is because we leave room for unexpected expenses including the need for additional parts and extra work required to repair the clock. If it cost more than our original estimate we will contact you for approval before continuing.

Your clock must be picked up one month after we notify you that it is ready to go home. If you need additional time to pick it up, pay the bill, etc. we understand and will make arrangements with you. If we do not hear from you within one month after we notify you we will consider the clock our property and will dispose of it to recover our costs.

We can store your clock for you. It will be stored securely off site. We charge $1.00 a day for storage services.

You must agree to these before we accept your clock.

The Clock Store, Clocks  Service & Repair, Broken Arrow, OK