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Many times people come to us concerned that they really do not know about clock repair. Before you contact us you may want to review what your options might be.

First, you can do some checking and just might be able to remedy the problem yourself:

    1. Check to see if the hands can operate without touching each other. Sometimes the hands of a clock get caught on each other. If the hands can't move the clock can't work. Gently bend the top hand up and away from the bottom one. Be sure to bend the hand as close to the center of the clock as possible.

    2. Wind the clock. I know it sounds basic but sometimes we forget to wind the clock. No Wind - No Time!

    3. Change the battery. do NOT use Energizer brand batteries. They have a design that does not work well in quartz clocks.

    4. Clean the contacts on the battery compartment. Batteries sometimes go bad and leave an acid residue. This can KILL a quartz clock because the acid travels up the wires and can destroy the movement. Take a toothbrush and brush away any residue. Then put a small amount of coke a cola on the terminals and brush away the dirt. Let dry. When you put a new battery in be sure the contacts are touching the battery.

    5. Put the clock in beat. Listen to determine if the "tic" sounds the same as the "toc". It one sounds stronger or louder adjust the clock to tilt to the stronger sound. Tilt the clock until the "tic" and the "toc" sound even.

The Clock Store, Clocks  Service & Repair, Broken Arrow, OK